Hybrid Ingredient
This in-house project is the result of research into 'Hybrid Ingredient' carried out during a commercial project for one of our skincare clients. In our exploration, we tried to create an ecosystem with different states of ingredients like flowers and play with light, matter and kinetic to give them a digital and organic look. Immersed in the depths of this reinvented nature, we can surprisingly feel the material that transports us to the edge of our imagination.

We explored an optical aberration system directly in the 3D scenes without post-production to create more dreamlike and visually sophisticated images. It was also a pretext to experiment with the physical interactions between fluids and fabrics.
Direction & Animation: Bisous Production
Supervision musical: Rotary Lab (@Rotarylab_) 
Sound Design & Post Produciton: Rotary Lab (@Rotarylab_)  / Jonas Bengio / @viewtiful__joe

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