- Character design for a game project -
The earth has stopped turning.
Nobody knows why -- one day it ceased to rotate and it has been standing still in our solar system ever since. As a result, while one side of our planet burned under the sun, the other side plunged into an eternal winter, sheathed in unrelenting darkness. Most of those who survived the inertia burned or froze to death, but on the rim between the darkness and light, some continue to survive. Divided by continents, the survivors formed two great clans: the Agena of the East Rim and the Bentsu of the West Rim. The Agena vowed to rebuild the civilization of the Old Age, while the Bentsu embraced a New World Order.
In search of the past, the Agena sent scavengers to the "Dark Side" to find knowledge and resources that had been frozen in time. In their powerful Environment Protection Suits (E.P.S. gear) the scavengers became knights who roamed the darkness, in search of power, resources, and hopefully, answers. As the Agena dug into the permafrost, they found an old world frozen in terror and destruction. Amongst their archaeological discoveries they found writings of an experiment that took place on the day the cataclysm occurred. This revelation united the clan, and all resources were focused on the search for the historic laboratory and for the invaluable answers it might hold.
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